The TriOx is designed specifically for powered trike flying. Compatible with all types of trike units from light to heavy, this versatile and reliable wing offers a stable and fast platform with easy launch and landing characteristics.

Certified DGAC, and load tested to 411 kgs, the TriOx is available in two sizes (34, 38). It is suitable for both solo and tandem trike flying, and acceptable for a wide range of pilots from recreational to pro pilots.

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TriOx is now available to order. Cheers from all the Team, we look forward to hearing what you think of this new wing!

A short video featuring OZONE Team pilot Giuseppe Jo, Emilia Plak and the OZONE Freeride, flying in beautiful NZ. Enjoy!

OZONE is excited to announce that young Nicolas Aubert has joined our team.
Nicolas is 20 years young, and has been flying paramotor since he was only 13 years old – thanks to his father, who is one of the first paramotor manufacturers.  He is Spanish, with French roots. At 15 years old he participated in the slalom competition series in France for the first time and was invited to join the French National Team.

Since then, he has participated in various European and World championships, finishing in the top four individually, and 1st with the French team. Nicolas is also three-time Spanish National Champion!

For the 2018 season, Nicolas will be focused on training for the World Classic Championships in Thailand, and the World Slalom Championships in Egypt. He will attend numerous events around the World, including Spain, France, Belgium, and other regions for specific PPG adventure projects that he is planning.

We are happy to have the opportunity to support Nico in achieving his flying goals!

Cheers, from all the OZONE Team

The High-Performance Light-Weight Intermediate!

The all new SIROCCO 2 features a long list of technological improvements in handling, stability, and efficiency. The light concept has proven to be revolutionary in PPG, and this new version is a more agile and efficient wing, with even more speed for the new generation of PPG pilots. The SIROCCO 2’s ease of launch and unique flight characteristics make it another game-changer in the PPG world.

Read more info on the Sirocco 2 Product Page.

The 2018 OZONE Gliders Calendar is now available to order from your local OZONE distributor.
12 months of stunning photos in A3 format.