PPG FieldTaught by a Certified USPPA Instructor, our intensive ground schooling and simulator training will give you the confidence in your next steps to PPG flight be it foot launch or wheel launch. We teach out of a well put together book by author Jeff Goins called the Powered Paragliding Bible, obtainable on FootFlyer.com, Amazon, or eBay, and the USPPA Syllabus. We go at your own pace. If you can’t come to us for a week or more of training and are local, we can customize a training schedule that fits your time frame. For scheduling call or email us!

We will also cover building your first helmet from scratch! Getting all the parts, and assembling them all together so that you have the power to build a new one or upgrade the one you build with us.

Simulator training is an important step in building up your muscle memory for your first flight. Here we will run though everything several times until you feel confident and comfortable with the motions. In the image pictured left, Cody, is doing some weight shift in the simulator.

PPG Bible The must-have book for learning about the Paramotoring sport! Click the book to order from Amazon.